Kalamazoo County Association of Retired School Personnel

  1. 1.Promote the economic, professional and general welfare of Michigan Retired School Personnel

  2. 2.Furnish a practical basis for united action with other organizations and/or individuals dedicated to the causes of education and retirement

  3. 3.Encourage voluntary participation of KARSP as an association and individual members in civic, education and retirement projects

Why is it important to be a member of MARSP & KARSP?

MARSP/KARSP are the only associations that represent
       ALL and ONLY school retirees.
To lend a supporting voice in the advocacy and protection of your own         

        retirement benefits

To receive assistance in the many facets of retirement planning and


To receive state and local newsletters and remain up to date on senior 

         issues, changes in benefits, etc

MARSP/KARSP are the only state retiree associations with a seat on the  

         Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Board of Trustees

MARSP/KARSP keeps an eye and ear on the legislature and advocates for

         retired school personnel

If you have suggestions or information you would like included on the site, please email us at webmaster@karsp.net


Welcome to KARSP, Kalamazoo County Association of Retired School Personnel.

KARSP is an affiliate of MARSP, Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel.

Our Purpose