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Executive Board Meeting April 28, 2020

Meeting conducted via email

President Julie Devers called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.  She stated the following: “Let the Minutes reflect that this is a meeting via email because of the coronavirus.  A quorum is present.”

Motion 1: Approve the February 25, 2020 Minutes sent earlier by the secretary. Motion: Bob/Sharon/Passed

Motion 2: To approve a new scholarship, funds for which are in place, but were not approved in previous board action regarding this year’s scholarships.  Motion: Linda/Bob/Passed

Motion 3: To cancel the May and June luncheons due to the current circumstances related to the coronavirus.  Motion: Phil/Linda/Passed

Motion 4: To postpone the matter of election of officers, specifically the offices of secretary and treasurer until the fall of 2020 given the circumstances, with the election following the normal process of the bylaws of KARSP.  Motion: Phil//Pat McKinney/Passed

Motion 5: To make a contribution from KARSP to the MARSP Voluntary Defense Fund, the amount not to exceed $400.  Motion; Gwyn/Julie/Passed

Other business:

  1. Judy Joynt reported that $1,815 was collected in March for the scholarship fund and $370 for Generous Hands.
  2. Judy also asked that if anyone is willing to work with her at one of the meetings to collect money for Community Services, please contact her at 269-312-8440 or at  Judy will let Phil know if she would like this information in the next Beacon.
  3. All board chairs need to send their year-end reports to Annamae Stohrer by the end of May either by email or USPS: 5314 Rugby St., Portage, 49024.
  4. Prior to the meeting, Treasurer Gwyn Evans sent the Treasurer’s Reports for February and March.  Those are on file.

Julie thanked the board for everyone’s assistance in conducting the meeting under these unusual circumstances.

Motion to adjourn: Bob/Sandy/Passed

Respectfully submitted, 

Ann Wuerthele, Secretary