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Meeting - BECAUSE COVID-19 and the potential risk factor, 

MEETINGS ARE CANCELED!                                   


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JoAnn Lynch, Mary Ann Wuerthele, Julie Devers, Gwyn Evans, and Manuel J. Brenes

Past President, Secretary, President, Treasurer, and President Elect

  • We were founded in 1967.

  • There are over 1,400 local members.

  •  Regular monthly luncheon programs provide fun and information.

  • We offer Community Service opportunities and collect  donations for various community organizations.

  •  Scholarship:  Every year,  $6,000 dollars in scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors in the county.

  •  Our active Legislative Committee serves as your eye on upcoming legislation that could impact your retirement.

  •  Local board members are trained to answer insurance and  other retirement questions.

  •  Pre-retirement Informational Meetings are presented to current employees.

  •  We publish quarterly newsletters, The Beacon full of important information.

  •  Special bus trip events are available.

  •  Annual membership dues only $35.00 for MARSP and $10.00 for KARSP.   Contact    President, Julie Devers at, or in care of: