K A R S P   -  Calendar 2019

      Kalamazoo  County Association of

            Retired School Personnel



  November 5th - State of Michigan Schools, Christine Ballard

     November Collection:  KARSP Scholarship Fund

  December 3rd - Blendings Vocal Ensemble, Rex Hornish

     December Collection:  YMCA Domestic Assault

  Important  - 

          - tickets will be sold until 11:15 AM.   We need to give our

             tickets sellers time to complete their work and enjoy lunch, 

             and the program

    KARSP Luncheon - Fetzer Center at 11:30 AM

    Tickets sold until 11:15 AM

    The cost for the luncheon is $16.00.   If you

    order lunch, you will need to pay for it unless you cancel

     by the Wednesday, before our meeting.   Please call Donna

     Clinard even after Wednesday, if you will be absent.

     Your support and understanding is appreciated.