BOARD MEETS LEGISLATIVE SCRIPT | K A R S P Kalamazoo County Association ofRetired School Personnel


Scripting of Legislative Calls

Calling Legislator Office:

Hello, this is (your name). I am a constituent of (Senator/Representative

_____________________ and I am a member of the Kalamazoo Chapter of MARSP. I’m call

 to let the (Senator/Representative) know of my feelings on (Identify the Issue). 

I (support/oppose) this Bill because (Reason or Reasons).

I appreciate your taking the time to hear my opinion on this issue and

 would like to verify who I am speaking to. (Repeat the name of the person taking

your call).

Thank you, ______________________________________________. I am glad you were available to take my call.

Have a great day!

Note to Legislator’s Office:

Dear (Senator/Representative) _____________________________________________,

Today I spoke with ____________________________________________ in your office 

regarding my support/opposition to Bill # __________. I wanted to thank

you for  ________________________________________ availability and hope (s)he 

was able to express my (concern with/my support of) the Bill (Bill #).

I know you receive many contacts on constituent issues and trust you 

understand and, hopefully,  will support my position. Please feel free to 

contact me at (home address or email address at your convenience with 

any questions.