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News from Sandy Beiter

For non Medicare reimbursement of at home testing covered under BCBS insurance:  The new program allows for the reimbursement for up to 8 at-home rapid diagnostic COVID-19 tests per insured member  every 30 days (Note:  this is the number of total tests-if a member purchases a kit with two tests in it, that counts as two tests).  For information on reimbursement for non-Medicare members visit:

For Medicare members:  BCBS is looking into reimbursement .    

As of December 7, 2021, our health insurance demands that testing for Covid for Medicare members has to be ordered by a health professional and performed by a health professional in a health professional setting.  Also, the health professional has to be ordering it for a particular reason i.e. person is showing symptoms of Covid.  if the health professional tells you that you have to do a home test at home, it is still not covered because it is not be done in a health professional setting.  If you have to have a Covid test before a medical procedure, like surgery, it is covered because you are having the Covid test done at the lab or the hospital.

Hope that this makes sense!!


For more information re: obtaining prescription from Dr., members should contact me. 


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