President:  Julie Devers                 Make sure you check the information: News From 

                                                   Sandy Beiter       

President Elect:  Manuel J. Brenes             

Past Pres./Awards:  JoAnn Lynch                       

MARSP is valuable to you.

Through the grassroots efforts of members who contacted their legislators and the governor to encourage them not to close down the retirement system to new hires, MARSP helped preserve our health insurance benefits and an improved pension plan for new personnel.

There will be more issues in the future that will need to have our voices and votes heard.  MARSP will keep looking out for you and keeping you informed.   Please thank them by renewing your membership.

With KARSP/MARSP membership, you also are able to contact Sandy Beiter, our insurance chair, with any concerns you have regarding our health benefits.

Tell your friends to call 1-888-960-4022 to renew their membership, and share your personal reasons for continuing to be a MARSP/KARSP member.       

Secretary:  Ann Wuerthele       

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Insurance- Priority Health - Cheryl Butler

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