Power Point


40 members liked the opportunity to share ideas, thought the 

hand outs were good and the organization went well. 

13 people shared positive suggestions for improvement 

6 people said nothing could be improved 

We did not gain new committee members from the survey 


Question: Would you read updates on critical issues if they were posted on our web page on a need to know basis? 

              44 YES   6 NO 

Suggestion Question: We are always looking for ways to collect and share information that affects our pension and our health benefits.
Do you have suggestions? 

Your Comments for Collecting Information

*Attend legislative affairs
*Get to know State candidates
*Ask questions about teachers’
         pensions and retirements

Your Comments for Collecting Information: 

*More on candidates that support teachers and retired 


*Keep reminding us at meetings 

Your Comments for Collecting Information: 

*I read the Vanguard and Beacon not websites

*I feel we are covered with information we can access 

Your Comment for Sharing Information: 

*A group email warning when there are important issues with directions to check out legislation under consideration 

Your Comment for Sharing Information: 

                 Constant contact email blasts
I don’t go to the web page, however if you email me I will see it immediately and can act from that point. 

Your Comment for Sharing Information: 

  • During June, Linda Hawley attended a MARSP workshop.
  • MARSP will send out email blasts to all the KARSP members for whom they have emails. We write the content and they send out the blast. 

How we can help ourselves: 

  • *Identify candidates for state offices.
    *Gather information on candidate’s positions on retirees’ pension and health insurance.
    How we can help ourselves: 
  • *Share positions through KARSP web page, karsp.net, and email blasts.
  • Betty Ongley (bongley@charter.net) and Ken Larson (klshawnee@gmail.com) are looking for volunteers.  Please contact either one if you or anyone you know that is a member would like to volunteer.

Other Evaluations are available in printed form on the tables. Your opinions and suggestions will continue to be gathered in various ways in the future.