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LEGISLATION COMMITTEThe Legislation Committee has a chairperson but can also have additional members. The chairperson is responsible for following and understanding both state and national legislation that impacts our RETIREMENT.  A monthly report is given to members as needed and reports are printed in the Beacon newsletter. 

KARSP Web Page

1. You can go to the KARSP.NET web page and “click-on” YOUR REPRESENTATIVE for contact information for your state and federal representatives.

2. The KARSP web page also offers two options or scripts offered by MARSP for you to use to contact your state and federal representatives. 

You can “click-on” Legislative Script if you would like to call directly or write a note to your state or federal representative.

You can access Information concerning legislation that affects our retirement by doing the following: 

  • read about legislative action in the MARSP Vanguard newsletter; 
  • follow legislative action on the MARSP website;
  • friend MARSP on Facebook;
  • read the legislative article published quarterly in the Beacon; 
  • attend local representatives’ coffees; 
  • attend town hall meetings; 
  • read about legislative action on; and or
  • read about legislative action on the Michigan Government website or the U.S. Government website.

Question: Would you read updates on critical issues if they were posted on our web page on a need-to-know basis?

_____ Yes     _____ No

We are always looking for ways to collect and share information that affects our pension and our health benefits. Do you have suggestions?

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If you are interested serving on this committee, please write your contact information in  the very small space provided, or on the back.   Send to Ken or Betty:  ——-

Candidates and District Maps

District 60 (City of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Township)  

District 61 (City of Portage, Townships-Oshtemo, Prairie Ronde Schoolcraft, Texas)

District 63 (City of Galesburg, Townships: Brady,  Charleston, Climax, Pavilion, Ross, Wakeshma;  Precinct 12 Kalamazoo Township; Western Calhoun County)  

  • Jennifer Aniano (D)
  • Matt Hall (R)

District 66 (Alamo, Cooper Townships, Parchment; Van Buren County - Lawton, Mattawan, Paw Paw)

District 20 Senate Candidates